Oscar Who Wasn’t Ordinary



“For little snails with big dreams”-The Daily Ooze

Oscar Slimeglider is bored with sleeping all day, eating all night and looking dull.. He dreams of fame, adoration and good looks.. Unfortunately, Oscar lacks talent for singing, dancing or playing the guitar. He’s also a boring greenish-grayish-brownish color.

His only hope for fame appears to be his Fairy Godsnail. So he summons her:

Slime, Slime!

Slither, slither!

Fairy Godsnail, please come hither!

In typical fairy fashion, his Fairy Godsnail appears and grants him three wishes.   Unfortunately the wishes bring him nothing but trouble.

There is much to like about Ordinary Oscar. The illustrations are colorful and amusing. The reader will want to read this book several times if only to absorb all the jokes and puns.

Oscar lives at 16 Slug Street. He has twenty-six brothers and sister (Agnes, Bernard, Cornelius, Destiny, Electra, Fifi…) His mother, Gertrude, is expecting sixty eggs.  The dialogue includes phrases like “Slime my autograph book” and “He’s really coming out of his shell.”

Sam Hearn, the illustrator, adds lots of comic touches. The snail’s home is decorated with clever art pieces all featuring colorful snails. The Wise Od Snail is surrounded by books like “A Concise History of Slime” and “Mother Ooze’s Nursery Slimes.”

I have to give credit to the team of Laura Adkins and Sam Hearn for making even snails attractive and entertaining.  Preschoolers will enjoy this simple story. Older children will appreciate the humorous touches.  I recommend this book for children in kindergarten through third grade.