Those Pesky Computer Screens

How have children changed in the last ten years?  Anyone who has addressed or observed groups of children lately notice that our youth are less attentive.    It’s harder to make eye contact. They have more trouble falling directions. They fidget. They want to lie on the floor instead of sitting up straight.   Could constant exposure to screens be causing this problem?ScreenSchooled

Joe Clement and Matt Miles have teamed up to produce an important wake-up call for parents. Their book,  “Screen Schooled:  Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Use is Making Our Kids Dumber” is a must read for anyone concerned about our children’s future.

Clement and Miles believe that most of our children are technology addicts. While they are adept at locating facts, they lack  creative thinking, problem solving, and social skills.  They include lots of research and practical teaching experience to back up their claims.

Clement and Miles also offer practical advice for parents.   They recommend limiting screen time in the home and encouraging parents to advocate for the best education for their children.

While other books* are tackling this topic, “Screen Schooled” gives the perspective of two public school insiders.  They allow us to see firsthand how screens are impacting the students in their lives. They have inside information on the school system that can help parents advocate for the best education for their children.

“Screen Schooled” makes for an enjoyable read.  At times, it feels like a chat with your child’s favorite teacher.  Clement and Miles have a heart for their students. They offer practical advice for the classroom as well as the home.
*”Glow Kids,” Nicholas Kardaras,” IGen”,-Jean Twinge, “Disconnected,” Tom Kersling are other books about children and screens.