Read Alouds for Early Grades



This Moose Belongs to  Me by Oliver Jeffers

Wilfred loves his pet moose. even though Marcel does follow rule #4 very well-Don’t make too much noise while Wilfred plays his record collection or rule #7 Go whichever way Wilfred wants to go.

One day on a long walk, Wilfred makes a terrible discovery,  Someone else thinks she owns the moose.

When Wilfred gets lost in the woods, his moose rescues him and all is forgiven.






Don’t Laugh, Joe!

by Keiko Kaska

Joe the Possum is always giggling, he just can’t seem to master the art of playing dead, not even for his favorite dessert, a bug pie.   Then one day a hungry bear shows up.  Kasza even manages to make possums look cute..





Flight School by Lita Judge

Penguin wants to fly more than anything.   So he enrolls in flight school.  After practicing for weeks with no success; Penguin is brokenhearted  until his teacher, Flamingo, has a brilliant idea.  He returns to flight school with his friend, Ostrich.


untitled (10)


Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann

Officer Buckle visits schools to talk about safety.   His   talks are boring until he gets Gloria, a police dog to accompany him.  When Officer Buckle goes alone, the  children all fall asleep   When Gloria goes alone, she falls asleep on stage. Afterward, there are many accidents.  Officer Buckle and Gloria  return with the best safety tip #101- Always stick with your buddy. This book received the Caldecott Award.











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