Where Do Babies Come From?

The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall, Penguin Kids

Today’s post features  another book by Caldecott winner, Sophie Blackall.

When a young boy’s parents tell him that a new baby  is coming, he wants to know, “Where are they going to get this baby?”

Suddenly mom and dad are very busy.  He questions his babysitter, his teacher, his grandpa and the mailman. Their answers leave him more confused.  Does the baby come from a seed? an egg? the hospital? or does the stork bring them like Grandpa said.



Finally, Mom and Dad explain the bare facts in one page accompanied by the illustrations.  There is enough information satisfy the curiosity of most preschoolers and kindergartners.  Sex is never mentioned. This book should be fine for any child who is able to read the book independently.

There is a page of advice for parents. It’s not very detailed either.  Parents needing more information will need to look elsewhere.

Blackall is a wonderful illustrator.  Each time  I look through this book, I find something new.  She makes extensive use of patterns especially circles in bedspreads and clothing.  A playful black cat is present in the family scenes.  The boy’s father is holding a copy of Locomotive, the 2014 Caldecott Award book.

This  book is written for children between three and eight. Older children and adults will find it amusing.






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