The Terrible Two

The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett & Jory John




The juvenile book market is dominated by silly sophomoric novels. Many of these books have good ideas but fail to maintain their momentum for more than one or two chapters.

I believe a truly well written children’s book will resonate with adults as well as children.

The Terrible Two is a happy exception.  It is profusely illustrated and works well with reluctant readers but it will be a rare student that fails to enjoy this book.   Students will find it hilarious even with the absence of bathroom humor so prevalent in books by Dav Pilkey and Andy Griffiths.

Miles Murphy has just moved to Yawnee Valley-the land of a 1000 cows. Everyone is town is a cow enthusiast. Miles, however, is not interested in cows. He is interested in developing his reputation as a champion prankster.

On his first day at Yawnee Valley Academy of Science and Letters, Miles is paired with student helper, Niles Sparks. Miles can tell right away that Niles is a kiss-up, a do-gooder and the school snitch. Niles clings to Miles, following him everywhere. How will Miles ever establish his identity at his new school if he can’t ditch this loser? And Principal Barkin is sure that Miles is responsible for parking his car on the step at the entrance to the school. (He didn’t.)

When Miles plans an elaborate hoax, He is outsmarted by an unlikely source. Will this be the end of Miles as a prankster or could it only be the beginning?

Look for the sequel: The Terrible Two Get Worse to be published on January 12, 2016.

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